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Uniper is a community wellness platform

enabling seniors to socialize, be more active and engage in a simple intuitive way

Uniper turns any TV into an interactive personal companion

The easy to use remote control features a built-in microphone and a small web camera for social engagement and activity.

Assistive technology available on any device

Uniper’s service is now available for any home TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. In order to join our growing community, just sign up here. Simply and conveniently, you’ll connect with the growing Uniper Social Engagement Center which offers live and pre-recorded activities, access to healthcare experts, interactive health and wellness programs, and an opportunity to connect with family and friends.

Any community member can host live activities with other members that have common interests and needs – all right from the comfort of their own home.

uniper devices

Uniper’s proactive TV solution reduces isolation and depression by allowing adults to stay more active, connected and happier

Video chat with family and friends

Live and recorded content

Remote care and assistance

Participate in exercise groups, games, and lectures

With Uniper you can participate in social games, activities, and lectures directly from your living room chair. Learn, ask questions, participate as though you were sitting in the class with the best group facilitators

You can join in exercise classes and the instructor can explain, correct and teach as if they were in the same room.

Thanks to the Uniper community it is possible to truly promote a more active healthy lifestyle.

Live connections

Users can participate as part of a group or individually and be an active part of a session anywhere in the world such as a birthday party, a yoga class or a family event.

Set Reminders

Help with performing daily activities, and fulfilling medical needs. Set reminders such as medication, events Uniper can even alert the user to an incoming call.

Easy connectivity with family and friends

Users can chat by video or text, make appointments and share photos.

Digital Concierge

Users can order services such as laundry, plumbing, catering and, of course, stay in touch with caregivers


Uniper provides the ability to deliver healthcare remotely via the unique community wellness platform

Designed for Seniors

The Uniper TV application has a simplified user interface which is tailored for seniors making it both easy to use and adopt.

Any language

The Uniper TV interface and platform is multilingual so additional languages can be added upon request

Web access portal for care providers

The Uniper platform includes a fully developed web portal that mines and tracks member usage in real time, providing invaluable data trends to adapt and meet the market needs of the growing ageing marketplace.

Continue doing what you love

Peace of mind with a Family and carer app

The Carer App is GPS tracked and offers risk minimization to caregivers and organizations.

Improve mental health and wellbeing

Live social engagement with community, cultural and interest groups

Reduce operating costs

Uniper enables face to face communication with carers, health providers and families without the need to travel

Independent health management

Manage daily routines, Calendar, reminders and medical and telehealth


Uniper provides the ability to communicate with medical and health care providers

Cost effective and easy to use

Uniper works through any TV so it is a very cost-effective solution to stay connected

Uniper has launched. 

NDIS packages

Uniper elevates current service delivery models by connecting NDIS participants to social groups and health carers

Home Care Packages (HCP)

Uniper gives people with higher needs the opportunity to continue living independently, safely and confidently in their own homes

Community and Cultural groups

Participants can join interactive groups from anywhere for fitness, bridge, lectures, meditation, health care, computer skills and more.

Retirement villages

Increase efficiencies – LEAN models for community wellness programs

seniors reminders

Aged Care

Offers, a dedicated TV channel providing educational info (healthcare, wellness, etc) Video calls with social workers, doctors, and therapists

connecting with grandparents

In home platform

Easily engage with caregivers, therapists, family and friends to reduce the feeling of isolation and lonlieness

Uniper can help members of city councils, care providers and community groups

  • Real-time communication with friends, family and carers 
  • Maintaining health and wellbeing for those isolated at home
  • Real-time interactive group session access to isolated senior citizens
  • An innovative user-friendly resource for seniors


And benefit them by 

  • Saving operating costs and resources
  • Collecting valuable data through the portal showing trends and usage
  • Improved public relations with all residents


Assistive Technology Platform for NDIS participants

Uniper promotes the rights and interests of people with disabilities, empowering them to maximise potential and participate as equal citizens in Australian society.

Partners with young adults with disabilities to achieve goals in education & employment, social connectedness, health & fitness and hobbies & passions.

Classes and activities enrich the lives of our participants, helping them to build skills and confidence and fostering a sense of belonging in the community.

  • More independence
  • Help with daily tasks and processing information
  • Build skills to actively participate in the community
  • Access to group sessions without leaving home
  • Combat loneliness and prevent isolation

“For people without disabilities, technology makes life easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes life possible.”

Mary Pat Radabaugh (Centre of Disability Studies, IBM)

The issue of loneliness is real and can lead to depression and anxiety.

See how Uniper can help

Since man landed on the moon, families have  gathered around the television to share major moments in life

Uniper is using the familiarity of the TV to allow older adults to socialize in a simple and intuitive way.

With Uniper, senior care facilities, hospitals and more can offer recorded and live community interactions, education through online classes, accessibility to caregivers via phone calls and reports, games, video chats, and much more.

How does it work? Simply plug Uniper into the television. The symbolism and emotions associated with gathering around the television set remain intact, just with more advanced and applicable technology.

Uniper allows older adults to continue to do what they love.

Stay Engaged, Stay Connected, Stay Together

Contact us for a demo Or call — 1300 526 892

Stay active, Stay engaged, Stay Together

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